NuGridPy Documentation

NuGridPy is a set of Python tools to access and analyse (e.g. plot) the various output formats (including the hdf5-based se format) from NuGrid codes (mppnp and ppn) and from the MESA stellar evolution code. In principle the NuGridPy tools can be used on any stellar evolution code output if the tools to write se hdf5 files available on the NuGrid web page are used. The module will work with MESA ASCII output in the ‘LOGS’ directory. These modules were written with an interactive work mode in mind, in particular taking advantage of the interactive ipython session that we usually start with ‘ipython –pylab’ or inside an ipython notebook.

Once your session starts import the mesa or nugridse or ppn module (depending on which type of data you are working with):

>>> import mesa as ms

and read the docstring:

>>> help(ms)

There are reasonable doc strings in the modules. If you have made tested and debugged improvements we are happy to know about them and we may add them to the release available on the web page. The tools provided here are useful to us, but of course there are still many things that need attention and improvement. We have a good list of scheduled improvements, let us know if you want to help with these. If you find bugs let us know as well. NuGrid contact for the NuGridPy tools: Sam Jones <>.


NuGridPy can be installed with pip using the command

>>> pip install nugridpy

or you can install it with easy_install using

>>> easy_install nugridpy

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